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Netflix streaming most dominant on HDTVs, more than double PC and tablets

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As it turns out, the general public -- even us heathens who've cut the cord -- like watching video content on televisions rather than monitors. A stat chart culled from The NPD Group's, "Connected Intelligence Report, Application & Convergence" revealed the latest US-centric news on Netflix Instant usage; it puts HDTV use far above that of more traditional platforms like PCs and laptops. Averaged across age groups, 40 percent of people using Netflix Instant in the US are doing so on HDTVs, while just 14 percent are going through computers (both desktops and laptops). That's not just Smart TVs, but also, "another device connected to the TV" -- so that's game consoles, streaming boxes, and software level built-in streaming.

A mere 13 percent are using the service on tablets, and a paltry 8 percent are streaming on smartphones (a stat David Lynch would assuredly relish). Unsurprisingly, users are primarily of the younger variety: over 50 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds make up the HDTV statistic, and that group makes up nearly a full quarter of PC folks. Of course, none of this is a huge surprise to anyone that's ever tried comfortably watching anything longer than a few minutes on a 13-inch laptop screen. Check out the full chart just below.

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