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LG Rolls Out First 55 & 65-inch Ultra HDTVs with LED Local Dimming Backlights

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In the recent past we’ve seen the US product introductions of UHDTVs with 4 times the resolution (3840 x 2160) of HDTV from Sony, Toshiba and Samsung. All their models in the 55 and 65-inch screen sizes use edge-lit LEDs. Last year’s highest rated LED LCDs were HDTVs from Sony and Elite (by Sharp). Reviewers raved about outstanding contrast ratios and deep blacks these models could produce, due to these televisions’ ability to dim the LEDs in small sections on the screen. Those models were discontinued and not replaced in 2013. Yesterday LG debuted its local dimming UHDTVs at Audio Video Center in California. Details and the press release appear after the break.

LGs new LED backlit local dimming 55-inch is called the 55LA9700, the 65-inch is the 65LA9700. They are UPP priced at $5999.99 and 7999.99 respectively.

Both models divide the screen into 144 zones for local dimming. Additional features include a motorized retractable sliding soundbar below the screen. The sound system is 4.1 channels with a total power of 50-watts.

The UHD LCD panel uses LG in-plane switching (IPS) for wide horizontal viewing angles.

The LA9700 series are full featured with Smart TV apps, and movie streaming, passive 3D (four pairs of glasses included) and LG’s Magic Remote with voice and gesture control.

The 9700s use LG’s Tru-Ultra HD signal processing with a four step process to upconvert standard and high definition content to UHD resolution. In addition, LG claims this is the first UHDTV to incorporate an new high efficiency video coding (HEVC) decoder (aka H.265). This algorithm is expected to be utilized in future UHD content due to its high rate of compression.

The LG 55LA9700 and 65LA9700 is available now only at Audio + Video Center in Santa Monica, California. LG will follow with rollouts in Chicago (ABT), NY (PC Richard), Miami (Brandsmart) and Virginia (Crutchfield) this month prior to going to national distribution, according to an LG spokesperson.

The full press release appears under the AV Center photo.

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