Buy Now, Pay Later

No Credit Needed Leasing Option

We now have 2 financing options for our customers. One is a No Credit Needed available through Progressive Leasing. The other is an option that does require credit approval through Synchrony Financial. You can get more info about the Synchrony credit based option in store or by calling 303-593-0581 or texting us at 480-203-1490.

For Progressive Leasing's No Credit Needed option, they do require steady income from the same employer for at least 6 months. There are some other factors that go into your approval including your income, direct deposits from your employer, how long your checking account has been active, and any overdrafts on your account. Most people are approved immediately for between $250-2500. Progressive doesn't charge an application fee to apply, but if you do make a purchase, there is a $49 fee for processing and then they take ACH payments from your account at the interval you prefer. They also have a 90 day no interest option (so pay within 90 days and you only get charged for the purchased items plus the $49 processing fee). Apply for free below!



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